Refund Policy

Last Updated: 22/09/2023

1. Refund Eligibility

  • Users of the "Browser Note" Chrome extension ("the Extension") are eligible for a refund under the following conditions:
    • The user has purchased a pro subscription plan for the Extension.
    • The refund request is made within 7 days of the subscription purchase date.
    • The user provides valid proof of purchase and the reason for the refund request.

2. Refund Process

  • To request a refund, please contact our support team at contact@browsernote.online.
  • Refund requests must include the following information:
    • User's name and email address associated with the purchase.
    • Date of the subscription purchase.
    • Reason for the refund request.
  • The Company will review refund requests within a reasonable timeframe.

3. Refund Approval

  • Refunds may be approved under the following circumstances:
    • Technical issues or errors with the Extension that cannot be resolved by the Company's support team.
    • Unauthorized charges or billing errors.
    • Cancellation of the subscription plan by the user within the specified refund period.
  • Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used for the purchase.

4. Refund Denial

  • Refund requests may be denied under the following circumstances:
    • The refund request is made after the 7-day refund period.
    • The user fails to provide valid proof of purchase.
    • The user's reason for the refund request does not align with the eligibility criteria.
  • The Company's decision regarding refund approval or denial is final.

5. Contact Information

6. Changes to Refund Policy

  • The Company reserves the right to update or modify this Refund Policy at any time without prior notice. Users will be bound by the policy in place at the time of their refund request.